We’re All Together Sensitivity and Inclusion Training

TRENDS Global offers sensitivity and inclusion training to promote interpersonal relations at work, school, home, or anywhere people interact. The best way to manage conflict is to stop it before it starts. One way to achieve this is to work on better understanding ourselves and how we relate to others. Poor communication, ignorance and bias are all problems that affect our ability to interact with people, particularly those who are different than ourselves.

Understanding our own biases and working on our ability to empathize helps our day-to-day interactions with everyone. After understanding ourselves, we should then work on understanding others. Taking the time to understand another person’s core beliefs or being, such as their religion, gender, race, sexuality, etc. can help to show them greater respect as a person.

TRENDS Global offers three different trainings which can be customized based on the organization’s needs.

Introductory Presentation
Covers personal bias, empathy and understanding of a particular group or set of beliefs. This presentation is mostly informational and provides a basis of knowledge to practice on. Example Slides

Provides training to individuals who would like to give the Introductory Presentation themselves. This is beneficial for organizations that need to provide the presentation multiple times.

Complete Training
Covers everything in the Introductory Training and focuses on different activities that promote self-evaluation, interpersonal relations and understanding.