TRENDS Global Case Study Training

Case Study Workshop
In this workshop, participants are introduced to the case study method and learn how to develop and use case studies effectively in an academic classroom. This workshop presents a number of different teaching cases (historical, fictional, decision-forcing) and engages participants as both active learners and potential instructors. The workshop also demonstrates how to adapt the case teaching method for using novels and films in the classroom. Upon completion, participants should appreciate the utility of the case study method for instruction in academic and professional education and training contexts and feel comfortable employing the case methodology in their own teaching.

Simulation/Role Play Workshop
Volker conducting a webinar on case development during his workshop on "Case Writing" with colleagues at the Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute (PKSOI) at the U.S. Army War College, June 26-29, 2016. Click to see more Photos!
Role play and simulation exercises ask students to participate in constructing their own knowledge by placing them at the center of difficult decisions and forcing them to wrestle with the complexities, ambiguities and uncertainties confronted by decision-makers in the simulated context. This workshop demonstrates how the classroom may serve as a learning laboratory in which to approximate complex realities while promoting social interaction, relationship building, coordinated planning, shared sense-making and intuitive thinking. Participants will take on roles as decision-makers within a specific simulation scenario that require them to balance widely differing cultural backgrounds, professional experiences, individual and organizational interests – e.g., by identifying with the contextual demands placed on different government agencies, foreign leaders, NGO representatives, rebel force commanders, civic leaders.

Case Writing Workshop (Prerequisite: Case Study Workshop)
In this workshop, participants who have completed the case study workshop learn how to develop and use case studies effectively for teaching in academic and professional training environments. At the end of the workshop, participants should have an outline for their own case study on a topic of particular interest to them, including a target audience, a story with a “hook” to grab readers’ attention, one or more identifiable case/policy decision dilemmas and some ideas about the policy implications of the dilemmas presented in their case. Upon completion, participants should understand how to develop case studies and teaching notes based on their specific course needs and research interests, and be able to design their own case study, including story line, dilemmas, target audience, learning objectives, and suggestions for how to teach their case.

Please note: Workshops are modular and can be combined as appropriate.